Degima collaborates in the Cantabriaskills 2018 Vocational Training Olympics.

One more year, Degima once again collaborates with the Ministry of Education of the Government of Cantabria, providing material necessary for testing in the metal-mechanic sector of the Vocational Training Olympics held at the IES Agusto G. Linares in Peñacastillo.

During the days from 15 to 17 May 2018, tests of skills in various subjects take place on the Campus of the Institute. Degima has been invited to the opening ceremony by the Minister of Education, Culture and Sport Mr. Francisco Javier Fernandez Mañanes.

In the events of celebration of the tests, several representatives of Degima are showing much interest given the possibility of incorporating professionals to the company with contrasted aptitudes especially in the fields of boilermaking and welding.